Sexual Harassment: A Backroad To Matriarchy?

Nearly every time I flip the dial on my radio, I am confronted with breaking news that yet another executive has been canned for sexual harassment. Across the landscape of professional enclaves, once laudable men are being reduced to chump change. Literally. The rules of capitalism seek the cheapest option while safeguarding overhead expenditures. While this ideology normatively serves to keep the few at the helm of power, i.e. white, MEN, perhaps this typically less than quixotic pattern may have an unplanned upswing for women.

Search any reliable database and you will find evidence demonstrating that women overwhelmingly comprise subordinate professional positions. With senators, doctors, notable chefs, news anchors, and other gurus being wrenched from their thrones seemingly overnight, it only seems pragmatic for businesses to promote from within. And, who invisibly shifts the gears of any multilevel corporation behind the scenes? Women.

While hardly the empowering trajectory of equal rights for women the waves of feminism envisioned, might the current hot water myriad male executives find themselves boiling in finally propel women onward and upward? The history of patriarchy begs me to squash my hopes of a silver lining skirting gender norms. However, with the recent public protestations and assertions demanding respect, equality and accountability for inappropriate behavior, perhaps the seeds of matriarchy are sprouting.

What do you think? Is the current trend of outcry against sexual-harassment nothing more than that, a trend? Or, is something more profound occurring? Please let me know what’s brewing in your mind.

Collage by Els Van Laethem

9 thoughts on “Sexual Harassment: A Backroad To Matriarchy?”

  1. I really hope it will make a difference, even if the only difference is younger women won’t have to go through all the horrible moments of sexual harassment at work OR at least they’ll have the courage to call people out when it does happen.

    I have a niece and I really hope she won’t have to go through the same experiences I have been through.

    I think it’ll take a lot longer for our society to be truly equal. But when it is, it’ll be better for both men and women.

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  2. I definitely think that something more profound is occurring more than a trend. I would also hope that not only it leads to women advancing in their careers, but moreso hope that it teaches men and boys that sexual harassment is not okay and it is possible to be punished and for it to ruin your lives.

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  3. I hadn’t thought about this angle of things. I believe that the fallout will likely be somewhere in the middle. Nobody could have imagined what that first piece on Weinstein would mean to the cultural landscape, but, I fear that we are close to getting to a point where first, it’s going to become old news and second, not much is going to be done about it. I also think that the moment one or two reports are proven false, it’s going to undo some of this momentum. But, I also think that happens with any cultural changing upheaval. You never go as far as you hope, but you’re much further along than you were. In the end, this is a win, even if doesn’t end up a shutout.

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    1. Thank you for your thoughtful comments. I agree that when a phenomenon suddenly gains superstardom in the media, society has a tendency to stop listening. It is my hope that public awareness about this issue will continue to grow and maintain grassroots efforts to change socialization patterns.


  4. You raised a very interesting point, something I hadn’t even though about until reading this post. If we want to replace all the misogynistic pigs at the top with their female underlings, I am all for that.

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  5. Very interesting….I personally think what’s going on now is kind of a trend. I think the reveal of Harvey Weinstein “blew the lid off a can of worms” that everyone knew was there but nobody wanted to touch. Allegations will probably never stop since they’ve started (and they shouldn’t if they’re legitimate) I just think that now people finally feel comfortable so they’re coming out in droves. Ithink the reason why sexual assault is so rampant in Hollywood and the media is because they are superficial industries. I think that these people have overly inflated egos and think that they have a certain authority and should be able to have what they want. They think they’re untouchable. There’s tons of information and studies to explain the ways that men and women operate and why they make the decisions they do. I don’t really think it’s a gender wide issue though. I don’t know if it will give women a boost in the industry though. If it does, great, if not, I’m ok with that too. Just as long as their are no injustices being committed.

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