Say What?

Wow. I am stupefied by the level of some people’s ignorance. I received a long winded message today from a vague acquaintance all but informing me she believed me to be stupid because of my visual physical “limitations.” Having stumbled across my blog, she apparently figured out that I have a brain. Oh, and by the way, now that she is so with the times, would I mind educating her about how to interact with people with disabilities?

Eye roll. After a pregnant pause of confusion and disillusionment, I crafted what is most assuredly a snarky response. One common aspect of propaganda relating to those with disabilities is that we have a societal duty to educate others about how to be kind to one another. Should someone show an interest in this topic, we should be subservient and grateful for their attention, says the cultural subtext. In addition, people often commonly assume that I have nothing better to do than to illuminate their minds with my apparent pearls of wisdom. I do my best to make sure both of these erroneous assumptions are debunked by my reply.

While most definitely not the curriculum she had been expecting, I can assure you she received an education.


5 thoughts on “Say What?”

      1. Usually I just keep quiet because in the moments of anger I’m very rude and of the topic is very close to myself I cry while I angry I discuss with my father it helps me to collect my thoughts be sure of what I want to say and at a later time they get A nice visit from me😉

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