Cheers to Community

We have gathered here today to celebrate 100 followers! Just a few months out of the starting gate, and already The Wrongs I Must Write is galloping along! Wowza! Your readership and commentary not only contribute to the vitality of this blog, but also illuminate my life. On a daily basis, I eagerly await opportunities to engage with you in candid dialogue about society.

The inclusion of your voices, from a cornucopia of countries, with diverse experiences is truly a wonder. That we are able to communicate respectfully about what imprisons some and stratifies others, I believe will facilitate the amelioration of the human condition. It is no secret that I have thus far catalogued a handful of chapters dedicated to my own experiences with injustice and discrimination. The overwhelming support, encouragement and open-mindedness to listen and validate my life, my existence, my fight is it a gift for which I feel much gratitude. As subsequent virtual pages turn, I welcome and encourage you all to continue voicing your opinions, asking questions, and considering the perspective of others.
From the bottom of my activist’s heart, thank you dearly for being here. 

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16 thoughts on “Cheers to Community”

  1. It’s a wonderful feeling when people don’t just listen, but actually hear what you have to say and you’re able to share your experiences with others as they share their experiences and interpretations with you as well. Great job on coming this far, there is no limit to what you can accomplish.

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